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June 2010

Editor's Letter Patricia Poore, Editor of Arts and Crafts Homes Magazine

Broken Glass

by Patricia Poore
This is about dinnertime in an old house. I am writing this during summer, and I am home. Downstairs my boys are watching TV after dinner, lolling about in damp bathing trunks, having run and swum and skate-boarded and walked the dog. I am finishing up this issue before a family vacation in California. We’re leaving in four days.
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Windows and Doors Thumbnail image for Craftsman Doors Today

Craftsman Doors Today

by Mary Ellen Polson
Missing your original entry door? Many of the “new” Arts & Crafts designs look like they were copied literally from a 1915 builders’ catalog.
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Windows and Doors Nicely framed, a doorway on a new house in Durango, Colo., lends a warm welcome.

Making an Entrance

by Patricia Poore
The front door (and any door that welcomes you home) is a big part of curb appeal and an important design statement. It should be appropriate to the period and style of your house, and to the house’s degree of formality. (Garage doors, too, are now available to enhance your Craftsman Bungalow or Tudor Revival.)
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