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December 2010


Eldorado Stone

by Arts and Crafts Editor
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Fumed Oak & Wood Stains

by Gordon Bock
Anyone with the bug for Arts & Crafts furniture discovers the look and lore of fumed oak—but did you know there’s much more to Arts & Crafts wood finishes than chocolatey brown?
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The Wood’s All Stacked

by Patricia Poore
I lived in New York City for eighteen years, first in an apartment on an airshaft, and then in attached Brooklyn row houses. In such city places, with sunlight scarce and the door locked tight, my rooms were almost the same year-round. It’s different in this shingled pile in Gloucester.
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Arts & Crafts Woodwork & Trim

by Lori Viator
Browse an inspiring and eye-opening list of products and manufacturers to help you restore or add period-style trim and woodwork to your house. Also find specialty finishes. All these products are suitable for bungalows, Craftsman-era homes, and those of the Arts & Crafts Revival.
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