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August 2012

Kitchens & Bathrooms Stainless-steel appliances are timeless with oak woodwork and soapstone countertops.

A Prairie Kitchen

by Patricia Poore
A new addition at the rear of the modest house provides space for a serious kitchen, a bath and pantry—and a period-style fireplace inglenook.
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Editor's Letter Patricia Poore, Editor of Arts and Crafts Homes Magazine

It’s the UnStyle

by Patricia Poore
If you’ve been reading our magazine or web posts, you know we shy away from calling Arts & Crafts a “style,” in the way French Empire or Renaissance Revival are styles. Do you remember the 7Up ad campaign that began in the belligerent Sixties, which urged nonconformists to drink the Uncola? Arts & Crafts is the Unstyle. Hard to define, vernacular, and inclusive, Arts & Crafts is more accurately an approach to design.
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Bungalow Nothing made more of a difference to the property than the switch from bland anonymity to landscaped welcome, both out front and in the family’s back yard.

From Bland to Bungalow

by Patricia Poore
Built new on the footprint of a nondescript ranch, the project has character and scale, and a new spatial sense for the property’s approach. Check out these dramatic before-and-after shots.
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Bungalow Fanciful woodwork and generous windows are original to the house, built of arroyo stone and wood shingles.

A Well Tended Bungalow

by Sarah Hilbert
An Easterner discovers California’s allure as she restores a modest house with very nice details and ample space for living outdoors.
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Back Issues Fall 2012 issue of Arts and Crafts Homes and the Revival magazine preview.

Fall 2012

by Arts and Crafts Editor
Fall 2012 issue of Arts and Crafts Homes and the Revival magazine preview.
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Floors, Walls and Ceilings Befitting a house in Victoria, interior design has an English Arts & Crafts sensibility. Wallpaper is the 1913 Morris & Co. design ‘Arbutus’. All photos by Jo-Ann Richards.

A Restoration Dream Come True

by Betty Campbell
Serial restorers thought they were done—until they were smitten by a 1912 house that desperately needed their help.
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Floors, Walls and Ceilings Woodwork is original; the fireplace surround of matte tiles is new. Fireplace screen is antique, as is the Limbert chair at right.

Prairie Remixed

by Brian D. Coleman
This understated house in St. Paul is a satisfying mix of old and new: the 1922 house was restored, an addition accommodates the kitchen, and the new summerhouse welcomes guests. Rooms inside are warm with glazes and stenciling.
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Arts & Crafts Furniture

Shaker Shoppe

by rachel
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