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January 2013

Garden Behind a 1915 house in Los Altos, California, an entire outdoor room was built around a stone hearth and a grille set into a stone wall.

The Outdoor Hearth, Fire-Pit & Barbecue

by Arts and Crafts Editor
The bungalow and then the California ranch helped popularize indoor–outdoor living, which included cooking en plein air. Fire remains a coveted element, whether it’s flaring in the grille, making embers in a stone “barbecue” of the 1950s, or warming the evening in an outdoor hearth.
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Home Systems Dress up your Arts & Crafts interior with decorative cast iron grilles and registers like this one by Acorn Manufacturing.

Heating Fixes to Warm Up Older Homes

by Mary Ellen Polson
The real beauty of these heating solutions: They don’t require a complete overhaul of your existing system.
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Furniture & Interior Style A bungalow fireplace has straightforward but sculptural andirons as well as a grate.

Stylish Tools on the Hearth

by Brian D. Coleman
Standard equipment for centuries, fireplace screens, grates, andirons and tools are often seen as merely practical. But accessorizing your hearth in period style makes it the decorative focal point in the room.
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Kitchens & Bathrooms The antique work table was rebuilt and enhanced with a shelf; the door to its left is a pass-through for milk bottles.

Putting Back a Period Kitchen

by Donna Pizzi
Untouched and unusable, a kitchen in Portland, Oregon, is sympathetically remodeled with elements of the 1910s.
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Back Issues Winter 2013 issue of Arts and Crafts Homes and the Revival magazine preview.

Winter 2013

by Arts and Crafts Editor
Winter 2013 issue of Arts and Crafts Homes and the Revival magazine preview.
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Editor's Letter Patricia Poore, Editor of Arts and Crafts Homes Magazine

That Elusive Quality

by Patricia Poore
i’ve been thinking, what makes a house really comfortable to be in? A tricky question; you can’t easily come up with a list. I imagine a place from my past where I felt secure and lively, and I fix that place in my mind as I catalog all of its details—the size of the room, its height, its smell, the furniture and degree of clutter, the way the light slanted in.
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Expo Thumbnail image for Floor Sources: Wood, Linoleum, Stone and Tile

Floor Sources: Wood, Linoleum, Stone and Tile

by Lori Viator
Editors’ picks for specialty sources for flooring for your Bungalow, Foursquare, Tudor, or Arts & Crafts home.
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