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July 2013

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The Arts & Crafts Ceiling

by Brian D. Coleman
Most decorators say you should start with the rug, working upwards to coordinate wall color and furnishings. I, on the other hand, prefer to do the opposite. The ceiling is the largest and least obstructed plane in the room, and it establishes a look. It can be narrow beadboard in a country cabin or a stenciled and papered treatment for a Craftsman home in the city. Once the ceiling is in place, I find it easier to tackle the rest.
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Art + Craft Oak tree mural composed of three large hand-cast, carved, and glazed tiles by Pasadena Craftsman Tile.

Options for Counter, Sink & Backsplash

by Lori Viator
From the editors, a sampling of options to add beauty and style to your Craftsman kitchen.
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Windows and Doors Windows in the top of the wall are typical over inglenooks or built-ins that flank the fireplace. Fixed transoms with art glass are mounted over single-light windows; simple curtains are hung below the mullion.

Bungalow Windows

by Patricia Poore
Bays and bump-outs, Prairie glass and diamond panes and cloud-lift muntins: artistic windows.
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Sources for Windows & Doors

by Lori Viator
This Expo in print is an exclusive list of contemporary manufacturers of doors and windows compatible with houses in the bungalow and Craftsman styles, as well as Shingle Style houses, Tudors, English Arts & Crafts styles, Spanish Revival houses, and for new buildings of the Arts & Crafts Revival.
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