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September 2013

Travel Thumbnail image for Historic Houses of The Arts & Crafts Era

Historic Houses of The Arts & Crafts Era

by Lori Viator
Here are nine American icons of the Arts & Crafts movement, from New York to Pasadena, all open to the public. Or look ’em up online.
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Travel Thumbnail image for Northwest Revival Flavor in Seattle

Northwest Revival Flavor in Seattle

by Brian D. Coleman
The Arts & Crafts revival is alive and well in this city filled with bungalow-era neighborhoods.
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Travel Details from the lounge at the Historic Park Inn hotel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1909.

Frank Lloyd Wright in Iowa’s River City

by Regina Cole
Iowa's "River City" has the last extant hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
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Lighting & Hardware A cabinet latch by Sun Valley Bronze.

Hardware Options for the Kitchen

by Patricia Poore
Hardware can be a big deal in the kitchen, or fade into the background. Quality products are available in every style and era, and in many metals and finishes.
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Art + Craft Hand-hammered mailbox by Roycroft artisan Frank M. Glapa.

Art + Craft: Hardware and Metal Accessories

by Arts and Crafts Editor
Editors' picks for period hardware and metalwork for your Arts & Crafts home.
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Lighting & Hardware

The Guild: Bushere & Son

by Mary Ellen Polson
Hand-forged tables with signature motifs (like the Moustache scroll) are one specialty of father and son.
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