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Reader Home: Living Lightly in a Granite Foursquare

by Arts and Crafts Homes
This American Foursquare in Central Gardens, Memphis, Tenn. celebrates its 100th birthday this year. The house, never neglected, was restored and gently renovated.
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Foursquare Thumbnail image for A Handsome “Green” Foursquare

A Handsome “Green” Foursquare

by Regina Cole
Here’s Arts & Crafts style with sustainability for the future: a Maryland company finds inspiration for its high-quality, energy-efficient homes in the building traditions of the bungalow era.
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Foursquare Thumbnail image for The American Foursquare

The American Foursquare

by Patricia Poore
The epitome of the post-Victorian “comfortable house,” the Foursquare is about dignified self-containment.
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