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Home Systems Radiator covers made by cabinetmakers are a specialty of Fichman Furniture.

Heating Made Pretty

by Mary Ellen Polson
There’s no need to put up with flimsy vent covers, or radiators with flaking paint. Period-friendly products let you gussy-up the less-than-attractive evidence of your HVAC system, and many choices are quite affordable.
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Home Systems Thumbnail image for Heating Fixes (that don’t require starting over)

Heating Fixes (that don’t require starting over)

by Mary Ellen Polson
Heating an old house is a balancing act; even those built in the 20th century may have aging, inefficient systems.
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Arts & Crafts Around the Hearth

by Lori Viator
Browse an eye-opening list of specialist products and manufacturers to beautify the hearth (and discreetly distribute heat), all suitable for bungalows, Craftsman-era homes, and those of the Arts & Crafts Revival.
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Home Systems An appropriate paint scheme enhances the original façade; only the art glass is new.

Renovation for the Next Hundred Years

by Patricia Poore
This project embraces both long-lived materials and “smart house” features.
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Home Systems Dress up your Arts & Crafts interior with decorative cast iron grilles and registers like this one by Acorn Manufacturing.

Heating Fixes to Warm Up Older Homes

by Mary Ellen Polson
The real beauty of these heating solutions: They don’t require a complete overhaul of your existing system.
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