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Crown City Hardware

by Arts and Crafts Editor on January 13, 2011

in Brass & Bronze

Crown City Hardware

Phone: (626) 794-0234
Address: 1047 N. Allen Ave. Pasadena, CA 91104

Extensive line of antique hardware reproductions. Hard-to-find brass, crystal, and iron hardware popular from 17th through early 20th centuries.

After 95 years in business, Crown City Hardware has renewed it’s commitment to being the best restoration and decorative hardware source in the country. We’ve scoured the world to bring you the best values in our new, rapidly expanding, collection, while maintaining our legendary quality standards. Combined with our unsurpassed knowledge, experience, and service, the new CCH is like nothing before. Guaranteed.

We opened our doors in 1916 as a family owned, neighborhood store with a genuine commitment to hardware. Located in the heart of Pasadena’s historic neighborhoods, we’ve remained true to our heritage and dedicated to the restoration and renovation of older homes and buildings. What was once a small collection, has now grown to over 100,000 items, over 600 suppliers, and over a dozen foundries producing hundreds of exclusive reproductions. We now offer the finest selection of decorative and restoration hardware found anywhere.

Hardware is, and always has been, our primary focus. We immerse ourselves in hardware design and function, and have spent decades studying its use in all styles of homes, furniture, and buildings. We work tirelessly to ensure our hardware has the accuracy of period detail, level of quality, and attention to finish and function you expect from a company like Crown City Hardware.

We’ve spent years working with homeowners, contractors, architects, interior designers, set designers, restoration specialists and everyone in between to ensure every project meets its design goals and budget. When the hardware has to be just right, and the period detail perfect, time and again the best in the business have turned to Crown City Hardware. From humble bungalows to architecturally historic buildings, from classic sitcoms to Oscar winning Hollywood films, CCH has been the go-to source for hardware.

Our hardware collection isn’t the sum total of what CCH offers.
Restoration Work: We love to see old hardware brought back to a lustrous and useful life and have the expert service to do it right.
Reproduction Work: When originals can’t be restored or located, we can flawlessly reproduce the piece to match the original, polishing every detail to perfection.
Lock & Key Work: We offer some fantastic replacement locks, and can also restore your originals to working order, even hand crafting replacements for broken internal parts.
Custom Finish Work: We can turn Polished Brass into Polished Nickel, Antique Brass into Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and even custom match unique, older finishes.
Custom Architectural Services: We will work with you from the beginning stages of a job to its completion, with our staff handling your hardware management and delivery needs along the way. Don’t let the size and scope of your job overwhelm you, we’re here to help.

WHAT IS VALUE? A perfect combination of form, function, quality and price. For each customer, finding just the right balance between getting the hardware designs you want, the function and quality that you need, and the price you can afford, can be challenging. For this reason, we have created an all new collection of hardware that will address this variation of need. You’ll find a wide range of products to meet the demands of almost any project and budget.

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