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tudor style house

Tudorbethan (Tudor Gothic, Tudor Revival) 1890–1920

by Patricia Poore on June 5, 2009

in House Styles

Fewer examples of these English-inspired houses of the Arts and Crafts period are to be found than, say, bungalows and foursquares. It’s easier to describe their ancestry than it is to find a good label for them. The 1904 house shown below was once advertised by a real-estate agent as “Gothic Revival.” Some might see allusions to the Shingle Style.

Though this house has aspects of the Queen Anne, it’s not at all like the vertical, turreted, gingerbread Victorians of that style. Neither is it helpful simply to call it Tudor, a label associated with the squarish suburban homes (never shingled) of the Twenties and Thirties. With its clipped gable, long façade, steep roofs, attempt at half-timbering, and shallow oriels (window bays), such houses are vaguely Elizabethan.

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