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The Arts & Crafts Interior

From a period-appropriate paint color scheme to Stickley furniture, the Arts & Crafts interior has many facets to it.
period green walls, Stickley furniture

Walls in a period green complement antique Stickley furniture. 

The Arts & Crafts movement sees beauty where it really lives: that’s why there have been so many vernacular and regional expressions. Wherever you live, Arts & Crafts is there to speak to you. Its buildings may be stone or brick or shingled, depending on custom; its motifs may refer to the designs of the Navajo or to local fauna.

Under the Arts & Crafts umbrella you’ll find expressions as different as those of British architect C.F.A. Voysey, American Arts & Crafts pioneer Gustav Stickley, Pasadena’s Greene & Greene, and the Midwest Prairie Style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Moravian tiles and Pugin-designed wallpaper

Moravian tiles and Pugin-designed wallpaper in a 1908 Tudor. 

Today’s houses and interiors are no less varied. What they have in common is an organic simplicity, at least by Victorian-period standards.

Still, they are fully decorated, proto-modern but not Modern. Woodwork and trim, wallpaper and paint, rugs and pillows and portières contribute to the cozy effect.

Stickley Highland Park design rug

Highland Park design rug from today’s Stickley.

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