Could there be anything else that so perfectly combines Beauty and Utility as art lighting? Designed from the beginning for electricity, in a period that championed craftsmanship, Arts & Crafts lamps and fixtures represent an unprecedented marriage of technology and artisanry.
Heintz bungalow lamp

The lamp illuminating a bungalow bookcase is a cherished antique by Heintz.

Here we see the skill of the woodworker, the metalsmith, the potter, and the glass artist, often together in one lamp. Iridescent glass and panels of amber mica give soft illumination (even with modern light bulbs). Lighting may be the most visible—and affordable—way to lend period ambiance to a room.

Sconces from Materials Unlimited, arts & crafts lighting

Sconces from Materials Unlimited have antique etched-glass shades.

Even more so than during the original movement, Arts & Crafts hardware and metalwork in iron, brass, copper, and bronze is readily available, with design influences from Mackintosh to the Forest Craft Guild.

iron grotesque head by Samuel Yellin Metalworkers

An iron grotesque head (study piece, 1981) by Samuel Yellin Metalworkers.

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