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The Baths of the Craftsman Era

An old-fashioned bath is still the favored style, even in new construction. Here are two examples of existing bathrooms from the Arts & Crafts era.

The charming bath above is in a 1909 Pasadena Bungalow. Though it has been modernized, the tub and sink were rescued on their way to the dump from another house in the neighborhood. Homeowners added flat trim to visually lower the ceiling, which created an area for a hand-painted frieze.

Turn-of-the-century luxury bath

Turn-of-the-century luxury bath.

In this remodeled bath, a Roman bathtub and Belle Epoque sink bring a touch of luxury to this 1912 house in Victoria, British Columbia.

Porcelain hex tiles laid in a wave pattern were popular at the time the house was built.

white corner sink

The corner sink is the focal point of this powder room.

The corner sink is original to this 1930s Tudor house in Cincinnati.

Other fittings are from Pottery Barn and Rejuvenation. The window shade is by The Handwerk Shade Shop, and the light shades are Jugendstil-style antiques.


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