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Arts & Craft Homes, Summer 2015


Check out what's inside the latest issue of Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival:

A Letter from the Editor: Arts & Crafts: Never Boring
by Patricia Poore

Utility Spaces: A colorful Swedish kitchen
by Donna Pizzi | photos by Blackstone Edge Studios

Bringing It Back: Bungalow–chalet gable trim
by Mary Ellen Polson

Details: Common period windows
by Mary Ellen Polson

Restoration: An Arts & Classical House
This superb house of 1911 in St. Paul, Minnesota, mixes neoclassical, Tudor–Gothic, and Prairie ornamentation on a Georgian plan—marvelous, and hardly a bungalow.
by Patricia Poore | photos by Karen Melvin

The Guild: Vintage Doors’ Demick Family
A passionate woodworker started with old-fashioned screen doors, and soon the whole family got involved.
by Mary Ellen Polson

New Work: Gamble on Design
An undistinguished one-level house of 1984 is rebuilt as a California Bungalow in a collaborative effort that re-interprets the work of Greene & Greene.
by Donna Pizzi | photos by Blackstone Edge Studios

Outside: Garden on the Bay
With focal points and distant views, this cascading hillside garden is all about movement.
by Brian D. Coleman

Motifs of the Revival: The iris flower
by Patricia Poore

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