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Arts & Crafts Homes 2014 Annual Resource Guide

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Here’s a preview of what’s inside of the Arts & Crafts Homes 2014 Annual Resource Guide:

ON THE COVER:Today’s makers produce pottery, metalwork, furniture, and art to rival that of the original movement; these antique pieces grace a 1906 California bungalow.Photograph by William Wright.


Revival Kitchens
Period-inspired and interpretive cabinetwork, with a selection of specialty items for revival kitchens.

Furniture & Objects of Art
With inspiration from Syracuse and Pasadena, London and Glasgow, furniture is the heart of the revival.

Lighting, Hardware & Metal
The best in period lamps and lighting, plus illuminating new work from the glass artist and the metalsmith.

Revival Interiors
Arts & Crafts decorating motifs in ornamentation for walls and ceilings, along with carpets, curtains, pillows, and fabric.

New Work
Architects, designers, builders, and building elements for help with your renovation or new construction.

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