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Arts & Crafts Homes Fall 2014

Here’s a preview of what’s inside of the Arts & Crafts Homes Fall 2014 edition.


A Letter From the Editor
The weather is good, and I have taken up walking again—extended forays through neighborhoods and along the rocky shore. I have been blessed in the places I’ve lived. by Patricia Poore

Tampa and St. Petersburg: bungalows and Florida sun.
by Brian D. Coleman

Utility Spaces
An artful new kitchen has a hint of Norway.
by Mary Ellen Polson

Bringing It Back: Copper Hoods
The revival of metal hoods for hearth and range.
by Brian D. Coleman

Details: Hardware as Jewelry
Period-inspired hardware is as beautiful as it is hardworking.
by Mary Ellen Polson

Restoration: Aladdin Homes Magic
The Rossley, an English-style model from the maker of kit houses, has fine stewards. by Patricia Poore |Photos By Gridley+ Graves

New Work: Crafted Subtlety
Expert engineering underlies a deceptively modest revival home remarkable for its understated design and fine woodworking.
by Donna Pizzi | Photos by Blackstone Edge Studios

The Guild: Textile Talk with Ann Wallace
Motifs familiar in the Midwest and California crop up in her original work.
by Mary Ellen Polson

Outside: In Mara’s Garden
Large terra cotta planters accent a garden of glowing color and strong geometry. by Tovah Martin | photos by Rob Cardillo

Motifs of the Revival: Artistic Bats
by Patricia Poore

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