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Arts & Crafts Homes Fall 2015

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Check out what's inside the latest issue of Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival:

Laced in Wisteria, by Boulders Braced
Designed by architect Sylvanus Marston, the 1912 Lacey House is a dignified presence on a shady corner in Pasadena.
by Sarah Hilbert | photos by Jaimee Itagaki

Steve Helberg
Whether it’s lighting, furniture, or a log house, Steve Helberg makes it with his own hands.
by Mary Ellen Polson

Universal Design in Arts & Crafts Spirit
A passion for period design plus issues of mobility combined to create this new home in St. Paul.
by Patricia Poore | photos by Troy Thies

Follow the Clinker Brick Road
Spreading like molten peanut brittle, a playful brick wall ties a garden to a newly built Greene & Greene-style home.
by Mary Ellen Polson | photos by Gridley + Graves

The bungalow heart of Texas.
by Clare Martin Alexander

Utility Spaces
Period baths, and a laundry.
by Donna Pizzi

Interior palettes for A&C homes.
by Patricia Poore

Bringing It Back
The all-important frieze.
by Brian D. Coleman

Motifs of the Revival
Raven, Rook & Crow
by Patricia Poore

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