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Arts & Crafts Homes, Fall 2016

Take a peek at what's in our latest edition.

Editor's Note
On Trend But Not Debased
By Patricia Poore

The Cabin at Point Reyes
A family fixes up a dilapidated, at-risk 1905 cabin in the woods, respecting local building custom as they create a retreat on the wild coast.
By Brian D. Coleman | photos by William Wright

The Lamps of William Morris
The artist, once a machinist, works in several media—brass, wood, mica, and leaves, along with pottery and glass bases—to make stunning art lamps.
By Regina Cole

New Work
Ultimate Timber
Fine woodwork, furniture, and stained glass inspired by Greene and Greene enhance a timber-frame house that’s both rustic and elegant.
by Regina Cole | photos by Greg Premru

Garden Edging
From buried barriers to iron and stone, edging remains a practical and often ornamental staple in the garden.
by Brian D. Coleman

Our House
A Granite Foursquare.

The new Stickley Museum.
by Brian D. Coleman

Utility Spaces
Visit a spacious, Prairie-leaning kitchen.
By Patricia Poore

Outdoor hardware with sources.
By Mary Ellen Polson

Bringing It Back
Built-ins: colonnades, buffets.
Mary Ellen Polson

From the Archive
Exotic glass shades of the time.
by Bo Sullivan

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