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Arts & Crafts Homes Spring 2014

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Here’s a preview of what’s inside of the Arts & Crafts Homes Spring 2014 Issue:


Wisconsin is a necessary stop for followers of F. L. Wright. by Regina Cole

Collections Fill a Bungalow in Pasadena
Do-it-yourself rescue of a handsome house made it the perfect backdrop for a wealth of period art and furnishings. Now it’s like a step back in time. by Sarah Hilbert

Utility Spaces
White or Rustic? Bungalow-era kitchens may be basic in white, while revival kitchens are new interpretations, often unique. by Patricia Poore

You have many options for sink and countertop, which became seamless in this era. by Mary Ellen Polson

The Cargiles at Terra Firma Art Tile
She carves the decorative relief; he’s in charge of their stunning glazes: two sculptors in South Carolina. by Mary Ellen Polson

A Cabin Called Mac’s Shack
Built to withstand heavy winds and coastal weather, this unique structure is filled with Craftsman spirit. by Donna Pizzi | photos by Blackstone Edge Studios

A Collaboration with Nature
The owner of an iconic Arts & Crafts house in Hastings-on-Hudson rids the old property of nuisance plants. by Tovah Martin

Motifs of the Revival: Butterfly
The beautiful butterfly in Arts & Crafts art. by Patricia Poore

Revival Market
Browse these fine companies who advertise in our Spring issue and, for your own Arts & Crafts home, check out this unique section of the Revival Market.

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