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Arts & Crafts Homes Summer 2014

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Here’s a preview of what’s inside of the Arts & Crafts Homes Summer 2014 Issue:


A Letter From the Editor
Just what is arts & crafts? It’s a question I’ve heard from newsstand consultants, attendees at restoration trade shows—and my own kids. Short answer: It’s more a philosophy of design and craft than it is a single style.
by Patricia Poore

UpFront: Happily Obsessed
Inspired by the English Arts & Crafts style of a home in the first Hobbit movie, homeowners Jerry and Julie Gordon transformed an ugly pink tract home into an artisan-made bungalow. by Jerry Gordon

Pilgrimage: The Monterey Peninsula
California’s heritage and mystique were central to the Arts & Crafts movement. Rediscover that inspiration. by Brian D. Coleman

Utility Spaces: Fitting Luxury
In a historic San Diego home, two baths and a new laundry bring attractive function—within the original footprint. by Mary Ellen Polson

Details: Garden Structures
The pergola, arbor, and trellis merge indoors and out in the Arts & Crafts garden. by Patricia Poore

The Guild: Scott Seuren of Bucks County Soapstone
A successful kitchen cabinetmaker made a change to found Bucks County Soapstone. by Mary Ellen Polson

Outside: At Jasmine Hill
This “Grecian garden” in Alabama presents Classicism in a context that’s decidedly 20th century. by Patricia Poore

Revival Market
Browse these fine companies who advertise in our Spring issue and, for your own Arts & Crafts home, check out this unique section of the Revival Market.

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