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Work with Beauty and Spirit


This special issue of Arts & Crafts Homes is devoted to the output of today’s revival, which has entered its fifth decade. Like that of the original movement, today’s work is diverse. (Alas, we could have filled twice as many pages! Find even more at, in various article posts and in the Products & Services section.)

As was true a century ago, today’s artisans are less concerned with style, and more with their approach to design and manufacture. They consider the peculiarities of place, use discernment, marry design to craft, and often work cooperatively with other artists and tradespeople. Their clients are looking not for what is trendy or for the cheapest option, but rather for a connection to the maker. Arts & Crafts is not about consumerist acquisition; it’s about making and having fewer, better things.

What a pleasure it is to see the work of today’s designers and craftspeople. It’s impossible not to appreciate the beauty and quality of their textiles, their pottery and tile, their work in metal and glass and wood. Today’s artisans have a deep knowledge of the original movement, and use their hard-won skills to bring us new interpretations. The revival is a living evolution.

The Arts & Crafts movement and its revival see beauty where it really lives—that’s why there are so many vernacular and regional expressions. Wherever you live, Arts & Crafts is there to speak to you. Its buildings may be stone, or brick, or shingled, depending on custom; its motifs may refer to the designs of the Navajo or to local fauna. Under the Arts & Crafts umbrella you’ll find expressions as different as those of C.F.A. Voysey, Gustav Stickley, Greene & Greene, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The revival that began gaining speed in the early 1970s has lasted longer than the original period—and is producing work equal to better than that of a hundred years ago. It’s an honor and a pleasure to publish it.

Patricia Poore,Editor
10 Harbor Rd., Gloucester, MA 01930

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