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Make a personal design statement with copper.
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52 Bydgoszcz
Gawronia, 85-430

MyCopperCraft is a creative workshop specializing in metal crafted home accessories, located near the beautiful lakes and forests of the City of Bydgoszcz, western part of Poland. Every piece that comes out from our manufacture is unique and one of a kind. We make quality handmade product that is much desired in a world of mass production.

Copper will never rust, sky-high prices in the commodities market make it a great investment as well! Custom handmade quality copper, brass and bronze home accessories and decors that are often described by our customers as a "house jewelery".

One of a kind metal pieces for your very special project. We make unique copper tiles, brass and bronze tiles, kitchen backsplashes, metal house numbers, furniture hardware and wall decors. Our stylish metal accents will make a focal point in your interiors. Copper looks stunning and it has a softness in it, while still being a wonderful bold and shiny accent. Metal finishes will always make a big impression on a space and will always look stylish high end.

Let your home welcome guests with the warm glow of copper, beautiful and natural material.

Ceramic tiles in kitchen are classics, functionalism and original look in one. However, an interesting and modern solution are cooper tiles. Copper is resistant to humidity and high temperatures. In addition, copper tiles give a unique character and style in the kitchen. They are easy to clean, do not absorb moisture, heat-resistant and non-flammable. Copper tiles in the kitchen are the perfect solution to give your apartment an industrial character. Copper compositions can be combined with glass, stone or other types of metal. Thanks to copper, the light will be warm and pleasant.

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