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Pasadena Craftsman Tile

Custom fireplaces, Fountains, Walls and Backsplashes, Floors, Tables,  Framed Tile Art

(626) 793-8387
745 Earlham Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Hand Wrought Tiles, Historic and Contemporary, including one of the largest selection and finest reproductions of Ernest Batchelder tile designs. Durable high fired glazes with non-glossy Craftsman color palette. Custom fireplaces, walls and fountains.

Pasadena was the home of Ernest Batchelder, famed tile maker of the Arts and Crafts era. As a personal crusade over several decades and currently as part of a public art project, tile maker Cha-Rie Tang has been collecting impressions of these wonderful tiles. With the blessings of the Batchelder heirs, historian Robert Winter and generous owners of these tile installations, Pasadena Craftsman Tile now offers Batchelder Revival decos, trims and plain field tiles in a range of enduring Craftsman colors.

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