Fay Jones Day Tile

American Craftsman Tile for Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath
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(541) 424-3359
25111 Webster Ave
Monroe, Oregon 97456

Fay Jones Day Tile is a one woman Tile studio located in rural Oregon. Since 2000, I have been making handmade decorative tile for fireplaces, kitchens and baths. Coordinating Craftsman Welcome signs in horizontal or vertical format are popular additions to Craftsman homes. My tile are high relief, hand pressed in plaster molds. 

These are my original designs not reproductions. Each tile is hand glazed with a brush. Each tile receives three to five different glaze colors. Most of my designs consist of a textured background, a raised motif and a raised self frame Natural motifs and glaze colors lend themselves historic Arts and Crafts homes, new constructions as well as cabins and vacation homes.

Family Woodworks LLC frames my tile and welcome signs in quarter sawn oak to display as art. I use local terra-cotta and earthenware clay with American made glazes. I sell online directly to homeowners and ship tile throughout the US. 

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