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Metal and wood registers, including classic egg-crate style. Custom work welcome. logo

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Heat Registers Selection

Few renovations create immediate visual impact as easily as heat registers. is an outstanding source of vent covers, cold air returns, and decorative grillework. Styles range from authentic historic reproductions to modern reinterpretations of classic design elements. If you have an interest in buying American made products instead foreign made you’ll find that we have many designs that will work for you.

Metal registers include reproductions of the classic 1920s-30s baseboard designs that have been unavailable from that time until very recently. Ornate cast designs such as opera grilles and classic cast iron patterns are available. The Turn of the Century collection features laser cut steel and is available in a wide variety of standard sizes as well as just about any custom dimension that you might need. Turner collection registers offer some of the most sturdy and fine quality cast bronze designs available. For the budget conscious they are available in painted aluminum as well. If your tastes run towards the tasteful simplicity of craftsman style grid patterns with or without Mackintosh foursquare motifs an abundant choice is offered. When it comes to metal registers there are plenty of metals to choose from including bronze, black, nickel, polished and antique brass, copper, and more.

Wood registers are available in standard surface mount for existing floors, or flush mount for those installing new flooring. In addition to your typical louvered designs there is the option of eggcrate grid style registers, which look particularly great in historic homes. Toe kick registers for the hard-to-fit area at the base of kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of woods. Laser cut geometric designs are highly customizable and are a particular favorite of our celebrity customers.

This just touches the surface. If you want solid granite, durable stainless steel, solid copper, units for corrosive environments such as pool houses we will probably be able to accomodate you.

Best of all, our customer service personnel are friendly and willing to take extra time to make sure your registers are configured correctly and that there is a complete meeting of the minds at the time of order. Their average time on the job is about seven years so you can be assured you are talking to someone who knows how to help you. Plus, they are in the United States of America. For your protection specifications on all custom work are provided in writing for your approval before work starts. Take a look around our site and give us a call!

Color catalog available for $2. Call to order.


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