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Simplicity Sofas specializes in custom-built seating for older homes with small doorways, narrow stairs and small scale or oddly shaped rooms.

Our furniture is hand-crafted, one piece at a time, using super premium materials including solid oak frames and 2.5 density Ultracel foam or spring down cushions.

Sofas, sleepers, sectionals and more are available in a choice of 300+ fabrics and leathers, including a wide selection of American Made high performance “kidproof” and “pet-friendly” fabrics. We also accept COM (Customers Own Material) fabrics.

Because Simplicity Sofas sells and ships direct to our customers (bypassing the furniture store markup) our prices are not much higher than mid-priced mass-produced furniture products.

Reflecting its unique status in the furniture industry, Simplicity Sofas has received several awards and has also been the subject of multiple articles. For example:

Simplicity Sofas’ unique modular construction enables the company to create sizes and configurations that are not available from other furniture manufacturers including:

  • Seating with an overall depth of only 32 inches. This is 5 – 10 inches less than the vast majority of high end seating – making a huge difference when furnishing a small room. This depth reduction is achieved without reducing the size or comfort of the cushions. Simplicity Sofas furniture does not look or feel “small” in any way.
  • The flexible modular design also enables the company to produce large and very large furniture that fits through narrow doors and stairways.

For example, the ManCave TV show came to Simplicity Sofas for a fifteen seat sectional measuring 17 ft. x 17 ft. The sectional fit down a 24” wide twisting staircase.

Every piece of furniture produced by Simplicity Sofas will fit through 15 inch wide doors and stairways. Some pieces fit through even smaller spaces.

Simplicity Sofas can also make custom sizes upon request.

The patented modular design allows quick and inexpensive replacement of any individual part (arms, back, base, legs, cushion cover, cushion core, etc.) that may become damaged, stained or worn out over time, without the need for professional repair services.

“Simplicity Sofas boldly goes where no furniture has gone before.” William Shatner (June 2013)

Please call 800-813-2889 or email for additional information.

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