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Sundial Wire

Sundial Wire™ specializes in newly manufactured copper wire covered in PVC and a cotton or rayon braid with a large selection of colors, styles, and gauges.

PO Box 803
Northampton, MA 01061
(413) 582-6909

Sundial Wire™ has been providing beautiful, high quality, cloth-covered wire since 1991. Our wire is newly manufactured wire, constructed of stranded copper wire, untinned, covered in PVC and a cotton or rayon braid. We are constantly expanding our line, adding new colors, styles, and gauges. 


We got our start because we needed wire for a 1920s movie set, so historical accuracy has always been a priority for us. We have done a lot of research into what wires were used in the late 1800s and into the middle of the 20th century. We visited Edison’s lab and home in West Orange, New Jersey, to see what was being used in his time, and have replicated cloth-covered wire on antiques that we and our customers have come across. One customer found wire identical to our putty with gold tracer twisted pair wire in the stem of his original Tiffany lamp.

Our wire is braided with cotton or rayon. Rayon is a natural fabric (made from cellulose) and looks a great deal like silk, which was used, along with cotton, in cloth-covered wire's early days. We do not use any plastic-based braid, such as nylon, so you can be sure that you are getting a historically accurate – and beautiful – wire.


Our manufacturing team takes great pride in ensuring that the braid on all our wires and the twist in all of our twisted pair wires provides complete coverage and is firm and even. With genuine Sundial Wire™, you know what you are getting and you know you are getting the best quality.


Sundial Wire™ is committed to manufacturing American-made wire. Not only do we braid the wire in Massachusetts, but all the wire we braid is made in the US as well.


We carry wires in several styles: twisted pair (two pieces of wire, each braided, then twisted together), parallel cord (flat wire), pulley cord (round 2- or 3-conductor wire), overbraid (round wire with no padding so that the lay of the wires under the braid is visible, an authentic antique style), and single-conductor wire in all the colors and patterns used in our twisted pair wires, perfect for rewiring chandeliers. We even carry knob-and-tube wire – and knobs and tubes – for use in movies and museums.


We will assemble pendants (wire with a socket and optionally a plug and/or in-line switch) and cord sets (wire with a plug and optionally an in-line switch) to your fully-customizable specifications. Or you can buy all the components and do the assembly yourself. 

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