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Sundial Wire

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PO Box 803
Northampton, MA 01061
(413) 582-6909

Sundial Wire has been providing beautiful, high quality, cloth covered wire since 1991. Our wire is newly manufactured wire, constructed of copper wire covered in PVC and a cotton or rayon braid. We are constantly expanding our line, adding new colors, styles, and gauges.

We sell cloth-covered wire braided with cotton or rayon. Rayon is a natural fabric (made from cellulose) and looks a great deal like silk, which was used, along with cotton, in cloth-covered wire's early days. We have decided not to use nylon as it has a plastic look to it that we find far less attractive. Sometimes wire is advertised as cloth-covered or fabric wire but the fabric is not specified. We make sure every one of our wires is listed with its covering fabric.

Our manufacturing team takes great pride in ensuring that the braid on all our wires and the twist in all of our twisted pair wires is firm and even. With genuine Sundial Wire™, you know what you are getting and you know you are getting the best quality.


Sundial Wire™ is committed to manufacturing American-made wire. Not only do we braid the wire in Massachusetts, but all the wire we braid is made in the US as well.

Most of the non-wire products we carry are not made in the US. This is due to the fact that, unfortunately, these products are not made in the US at all.

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