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Christies’ Wood and Glass

by Arts & Crafts Editor on April 29, 2016

in Doors, Windows & Garage Doors,Mantels & Staircases


Phone: (970) 385-9066
Address: 1166 S Skylane Drive, #2, Durango, CO 81301-6003

We take pride in our work, and we try to have as much fun as possible while we’re doing it! Doug realizes that mistakes are costly. If something unexpected happens, he endeavors to find the reason, and develops a method to keep it from happening in the future. There are a lot of woodworkers out there and they would all like to build your entryway, but exterior doors require skill and technology to keep them beautiful and fully functional despite the erratic weather conditions on the exterior and consistant temperature and humidity conditions on the interior. Not all woodworking skills, wood species, or adhesives are up to the task.

Christie’s Wood and Glass is where all the details of art, design, technology, skill, knowledge, and experience culminate in a product that you will enjoy throughout your lifetime.

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