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by Arts and Crafts Editor on March 6, 2010

in House & Garden

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Flood is a leading producer of specialty wood stain and paint additive solutions for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

Staining your deck, fence, outdoor furniture or other wood investments can be easier than you think with the right products and guidance. That’s why there’s Flood® Wood Care — to help make the process Simple across the board™.

Flood Projects


Flood Wood Care offers both preparation and finish products to help restore, protect and beautify exterior wood of all kinds. Finishes come in a wide range of colors and transparencies to make your exterior wood look its best and match the style of your home.

Flood products are available at The Home Depot, Walmart and many other fine retailers throughout the United States. You can browse color options and find a store near you at

Online Tools and Support

Before you head to the store, check out the Staining Made Simple guide at Just answer a few simple questions about your project, and you’ll get a complete, customized staining guide that includes:

- Exactly which prep and finish products to buy
- How much to buy
- Where to get it all
- A supply list
- How-to videos
- Printable application instructions

You can also get personalized advice by asking questions on Facebook or calling 1-800-321-3444.

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