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Indow Window Inserts

by ACH admin on April 13, 2015

in Doors, Windows & Garage Doors

Address: 2267 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97227
Phone: (503) 284-2260

Our Sustainable Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide you with comfort and quiet while helping you achieve environmental and financial harmony.

Indow was launched in November 2010, delivering ease of use and great window insulation performance in an elegant looking form. Our window inserts are now available across the U.S. and Canada and we are growing! Our dynamic team is dedicated to building and refining our product, crafting each handmade insert to fit any leaky or under-performing window.

Our vision is that as we become more efficient we will share the increased profit margin with our workers through higher wages, with the company through reinvested earnings to fuel continued growth, and with the environment through lower prices that will make the product easier to purchase and therefore block more climate-changing CO2 emissions. We will reach this vision if we harness the creativity and discipline of each team member and if our customers support our continued growth. Please join us!


Indow Window inserts are composed of a sheet of acrylic glazing edged with our patented Compression Tube. Seven specialty grades and three tubing colors are available. All grades provide the same draft blocking and noise reducing window benefits. There is no visual difference between our Standard, Acoustic, Commercial and Museum grades.

Standard Grade
Indow Windows are an acrylic glazing edged with our patented silicone tubing that presses into the inside of a window frame – without requiring the installation of an interior frame or brackets.

Acoustic Grade
Reduces noise coming through operable single pane windows by 18.9 dBA, according to Portland State University’s Green Building Research Lab. An 18.9 dBA reduction “feels,” subjectively, like a 72 – 75% reduction in noise. Available in all types except Museum Grade.

Shade Grade
These window inserts provide all the heat blocking and energy saving performance of low-e replacement windows but at a much lower cost. Perfect for hot climates and solar heat relief.

Sleep Panels
Indow Sleep Panels create darkness, quiet, and comfort for night-shift workers, paleo lifestyle followers, and home theater enthusiasts. No other solution blocks 100% of light and more than 50% of noise.

Privacy Grade
These Indow Windows are made from translucent white acrylic that allows for diffused light transmission while blocking out any details or defined shadows. Great for bathrooms.

Museum Grade
Protects furniture, carpets, and artwork by filtering 98% of all UV rays from sunlight coming through windows. There is absolutely no visual difference between the Standard and Museum Grade acrylic.
Commercial Grade

Indow Windows have an extra abrasion resistant coating to provide additional protection against scratching (moving & frequent cleaning). There is absolutely no visual difference between the Standard and Commercial Grade acrylic.

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