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975 W. Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth, MI 48170

We specialize in home remodeling and custom design, blending our experience and creativity with high quality products that improve your surroundings, add value to your home, and ultimately enhance your lifestyle.

Our custom cabinetry lines range in style and price but never compromise on quality. Choose from our exclusive Sharer Cabinetry, manufactured in Michigan, Bakes & Kropp Fine Cabinetry or our budget-friendly Woodland Cabinetry.

Quality cabinetry is the foundation of any room and we carry some of the industry’s highest quality custom cabinetry lines, including our own Michigan-made Sharer Cabinetry. Designing with a solid foundation establishes and carries a theme throughout a room and ensures a lasting product.

Sharer Cabinetry is custom designed by Sharer Design Group owner, Justin Sharer. Blending creativity and innovation with local resources, the result is high-quality cabinetry that provides the ability to create truly original designs.

Full-Overlay Style
Sharer Cabinetry offers a uniquely distinctive style of doors and drawers that fully overlap the cabinet. Full-overlay construction highlights decorative design elements, creating a stunning and definitive look for any room. Full-overlay construction is not only striking in appearance, but is functional as well. This design style is often chosen because it allows more space between cabinet components, which equates to additional storage for larger items.

Features and Benefits
Sharer Cabinetry offers endless design options with original door designs ranging from contemporary to traditional to classic vintage. Custom sizing creates limitless combinations, allowing for “outside-the-box” creativity. A wide range of stain and paint colors further ensures that every cabinet is uniquely suited to each and every project.

Locally Made
Sharer Design Group proudly supports Michigan by producing Sharer Cabinetry locally in the metro-Detroit area and employs highly-skilled, local craftsmen. The result is high-quality, high-end overlay style cabinetry produced in our home state.