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Rejuv kitchenRejuvenation is committed to manufacturing high-quality, authentic products that help our customers enhance the beauty of older homes, buildings and neighborhoods. Rejuvenation also remains committed to supporting the causes that we believe help sustain livable communities. That commitment translates to donating ten percent of the company’s yearly after tax profits to organizations whose missions are in line with our business. These are non-profits primarily in the areas of environmental conservation, historic preservation, the arts, and equal access to housing.

The Sunset's Bat & Serpent design originates with Celtic mythology and symbolizes the triumph of science and modern medicine over witchcraft. Inspired by an Art Nouveau and Victorian fondness for artistic design, our Sunset is hand cast using the lost-wax technique to capture all the stunning detail of a circa 1892 period original - and we do mean original.

The Sunset's Bat & Serpent design captures all the stunning detail of a circa 1892 period original - and we do mean original.

Rejuvenation also operates its manufacturing processes according to a framework that supports sustainability and a dedication to minimizing the company’s impact on the environment. Among other efforts, we’ve designed and implemented a closed-loop water recycling system that extracts heavy metals from our process water for safe disposal, and we’ve lowered our VOC emissions with new equipment and process controls.

Rejuvenation LightingWith preservation as a core value, it’s no surprise that restoring old buildings is a Rejuvenation habit. We extensively rehabilitated the site of our Portland store, the historic 47,000-square-foot Neustadter Building, which for many years served as a wholesale flower mart. Our manufacturing plant is the 80,000-square-foot former Chase Bag Factory built in 1939. Rejuvenation’s Seattle store occupies the main floor of the Nisqually Building. Built originally in the early 1900s for a manufacturer of specialty rail cars, the Seattle store makes use of a 25-foot-high clerestory as a source of natural light.

Although we’ve come a long way since our original saloon location, we never stray far from our roots as a salvage seller. To this day, Rejuvenation uses recovered materials in all of our buildings. And of course we still sell unique architectural salvage in our Portland and Seattle retail stores.

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