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Rocheford Handmade Tile

by Arts and Crafts Editor on May 20, 2011

in Art Tile

Creating Handmade Tile to Celebrate Your Home

Rocheford Handmade Tile has been creating handmade tiles to celebrate homes since 2000. Our distinctive, high quality, artisan made house numbers, accent tiles, address plaques and house portraits are created to honor the home you love.

Address: 3315 Garfield Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
Phone: 612.824.6216

House Numbers and Address Plaques

Our house numbers are rich and warm terra cotta or creamy white clay tiles. Each tile is formed and glazed by hand. Designs reflect architectural styles and ornamentation to inspire connections to your home’s decor and style. The slightly raised relief (bas-relief) numbers and images are distinctive and will enhance the visibility and charm to your home.

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