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Patricia Poore, Editor of Arts and Crafts Homes Magazine

Softening Gifts

by Patricia Poore on October 18, 2010

in Editor's Letter

A Note from the Editor:

I’ve been haphazard about keeping a diary. The family photo albums are not up to date. And I wake at 3 A.M. sure I can hear the deafening rumble of life’s swift current, the boys already about their separate lives. Too fast, and no record! Yet my life was chronicled, more or less, in the editor’s pages I wrote for Old-House Journal, Old-House Interiors, and Arts & Crafts Homes. Reading these brief missives, I relive renovation and divorce, partnerships and child rearing, project launches and friendships. It seems I have kept a diary, of sorts, after all!

Over the years, readers have had to put up with my stories of plumbing catastrophes and swing sets taking priority over new gutters. That interface between the personal and professional extends to my home, the result of multiple restoration pushes. Here I watch the battle between aesthetics (my professional self has an over-developed sensitivity to color and clutter) and, say, piles of laundry. I haven’t ordered fabric for curtains because the living room is in flux—play room, music room, only place for the Christmas tree.

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When I invite colleagues home, the line between private and public further blurs. West Coast editor and frequent contributor Brian Coleman comes to mind; ironically, he has softened my masculine house with his gifts of vintage textiles. I think this is the difference I see between old houses, the bungalows and Foursquares and Tudors ca. 1890–1930, and the newly built Revival houses. The old ones have curtains.

Patricia Poore
Patricia Poore, Editor
10 Harbor Rd., Gloucester, MA 01930

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