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Arts & Crafts Homes Spring 2015

Kitchens & Bathrooms Thumbnail image for Kitchen Correction

Kitchen Correction

by Mary Ellen Polson
Without overwhelming the original house, an addition that went up and back provided much-needed family space—and a more authentic look, even in the kitchen.
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Kitchens & Bathrooms Thumbnail image for A Facelift for Old Fixtures

A Facelift for Old Fixtures

by Gordon Bock
Ever wonder as you move your palm over a favorite pedestal sink—noting a new chip—if there’s a fix: a kind of Botox for bathtubs? Here’s a quick course on your refinishing options.
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Craftsman Thumbnail image for True Craftsman

True Craftsman

by Brian D. Coleman
The Gilliland House in Portland, Oregon, was built according to plans published in Gustav Stickley’s magazine in 1907. It’s been restored by owners who took cues from the original article.
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The Guild Thumbnail image for The Guild: Naomi Neilson Howard

The Guild: Naomi Neilson Howard

by Mary Ellen Polson
A young woman enthralled with traditional Mexican artisanry becomes a conduit for extraordinary work.
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Floors, Walls and Ceilings Thumbnail image for Nooks & Crannies in the Arts & Crafts Home

Nooks & Crannies in the Arts & Crafts Home

by Mary Ellen Polson
Space-efficient bungalows and other modern homes of the period are stuffed with built-ins, nooks, and corners that lend useful space for seating, storage—even sleeping.
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Revival Today Thumbnail image for Montana Ease

Montana Ease

by Patricia Poore
Built on a rare vacant lot in downtown Bozeman, this infill dwelling marries modern living and the neighborhood aesthetic.

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Travel Thumbnail image for Rocky Mountain Highlights

Rocky Mountain Highlights

by Arts and Crafts Homes
It’s worth seeking out vestiges of the Arts & Crafts movement in glorious Colorado’s foothills and beyond.
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