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Arts & Crafts Homes Winter 2013

Garden Behind a 1915 house in Los Altos, California, an entire outdoor room was built around a stone hearth and a grille set into a stone wall.

The Outdoor Hearth, Fire-Pit & Barbecue

by Arts and Crafts Editor
The bungalow and then the California ranch helped popularize indoor–outdoor living, which included cooking en plein air. Fire remains a coveted element, whether it’s flaring in the grille, making embers in a stone “barbecue” of the 1950s, or warming the evening in an outdoor hearth.
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Kitchens & Bathrooms The antique work table was rebuilt and enhanced with a shelf; the door to its left is a pass-through for milk bottles.

Putting Back a Period Kitchen

by Donna Pizzi
Untouched and unusable, a kitchen in Portland, Oregon, is sympathetically remodeled with elements of the 1910s.
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Furniture & Interior Style The owner built the woodwork, mostly in Douglas fir; the mahogany fireplace surround was an early project.

Beautiful Bungalow

by John Bock
A Santa Barbara native rescues a house built in 1919, adding period woodwork to the interior.
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Furniture & Interior Style A hearth is the focal point of the living room.

A New Craftsman Interior

by Patricia Poore
This new interior for a recent house is a pleasing example of interpretive design: using the Arts & Crafts philosophy not to re-create the past, but in a contemporary twist on the revival.
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