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Arts & Crafts Homes Winter 2016


Arts & Crafts Homes, Winter 2016

by Arts and Crafts Editor
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Falling for a New Craftsman

by Donna Pizzi
After spending a decade restoring a 1908 house, this couple was pleasantly surprised to find they’d fallen for a newer Craftsman—one built in 2008!
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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Revival Motifs for an Open-Plan Kitchen

by Patricia Poore
With the renovation of this undistinguished 1950s house, the new kitchen with Arts & Crafts motifs grew to become the heart of the home.
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A Bungalow Worth the Wait!

by Thomas Shess
Once rather a mess, this 1915 San Diego bungalow was restored over a period of 25 years. Lots of DIY labor produced stunning results.
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Bones of the Winter Garden

by Tovah Martin
A strong underlying architecture is important when the garden goes minimalist for the winter.
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The Guild

Craftsman Tile Makers

by Mary Ellen Polson
The revival of small-batch art tile has never been more vibrant than in today’s revival, as you’ll see in the work of three unique artisan tile makers.
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Millwork (Mantel to Stairs)

Historic Patterns for Fireplace Surrounds

by Mary Ellen Polson
Despite the prevalence of art tile for revival fireplaces, brick and concrete were as common during the Arts & Crafts period.
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Furniture & Interior Style

From the Archive: A Cozy Corner

by Bo Sullivan
This postcard illustrates how the Arts & Crafts movement—or retail versions of it—reached even rural American homes.
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