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Revival Interiors

by Patricia Poore
An earthy palette and natural motifs lend subtle allure to these easy-to-love rooms.
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The Arts & Crafts Ceiling

by Brian D. Coleman
Most decorators say you should start with the rug, working upwards to coordinate wall color and furnishings. I, on the other hand, prefer to do the opposite. The ceiling is the largest and least obstructed plane in the room, and it establishes a look. It can be narrow beadboard in a country cabin or a stenciled and papered treatment for a Craftsman home in the city. Once the ceiling is in place, I find it easier to tackle the rest.
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Paints & Finishes

Fly on the Wall Design

by Arts and Crafts Editor
Period painted ceilings and friezes by Berkeley, California, artist Lisa Klofkorn.
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