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Heating & Cooling

Hydro-Sil / San Tech Industries

by Arts and Crafts Editor
Hydro-Sil is a self-contained hydronic individual room heating system that can save you hundreds of dollars in home heating costs when replacing old and inefficient ways of heating. It has saved some families up to 50% on their heating bills in one winter.
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Doors, Windows & Garage Doors

Innerglass Window Systems

by Arts and Crafts Editor
The Innerglass Window is a glass Interior Storm Window for energy conservation & soundproofing that maintains the integrity and beauty of your historic windows. They are a real breakthrough in the affordable upgrading of homes and buildings to modern standards of energy efficiency and comfort. Tests show the Innerglass Window to be up to 5 times more effective in lowering heating bills than outside storm windows.
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Foursquare Thumbnail image for A Handsome “Green” Foursquare

A Handsome “Green” Foursquare

by Regina Cole
Here’s Arts & Crafts style with sustainability for the future: a Maryland company finds inspiration for its high-quality, energy-efficient homes in the building traditions of the bungalow era.
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