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Windows and Doors Thumbnail image for Windows & Doors (on the inside)

Windows & Doors (on the inside)

by Mary Ellen Polson
Choosing new or replacement doors and windows that look right on the exterior façade is how most people think of the task. But, especially in retrofitting to an old house, it’s just as important to specify units that don’t clash with interior woodwork and the décor.
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Art + Craft Thumbnail image for The Art + Craft of Garden Accessories

The Art + Craft of Garden Accessories

by ACH admin
Arts & Crafts garden accessories, compiled by the editors.
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House Styles Thumbnail image for Don’t Discount Your House’s Exterior Statement…

Don’t Discount Your House’s Exterior Statement…

by Patricia Poore
Material often defines the architecture not just of bridges and skyscrapers but even of the most common American houses. Federal homes are brick in the South, wood- frame and clapboard in the North. International Style is concrete, and Shingle Style speaks for itself. But what of Arts & Crafts buildings?
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Millwork and Shutters A beautifully detailed piazza on a Shingle Style house.

Porch Upkeep Tips

by Gordon Bock
Exterior millwork—wood that can rot—needs maintenance and occasional replacement. If this summer’s projects include a punky porch, you’ll appreciate these guidelines.
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Garden Thumbnail image for Exterior Color Schemes

Exterior Color Schemes

by John Crosby Freeman
The concept of “architectural colors” involves selecting, then placing, appropriate colors to reveal and enhance the logic of a building. Here are one expert’s suggestions for pleasing, historical schemes.
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