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floral wallpaper

Wall & Ceiling Papers

Bolling & Company

by ACH admin
Museum-quality antique wallpapers, mounted and framed as one-of-a-kind artworks. Specializing in the early-20th-century hand-printed papers of M.H. Birge & Sons of Buffalo, New York.
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Arts & Crafts Revival Wallpaper and Paint Products

by Patricia Poore
Browse an inspiring and eye-opening list of specialist products and manufacturers to help you decide what to do with your walls and ceilings: wallpaper, paint, metal, plaster, and wood, all suitable for Craftsman-era homes and those of the Arts & Crafts Revival.
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Wallpaper, 1901–1945

by Stuart Stark
Wallpaper designs of the Teens and Twenties often lagged behind the high-style Arts & Crafts designs we find fashionable today. Here’s an introduction that includes florals and oatmeal papers, and even the Colonial Revival influence.
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