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New York

Travel Elbert Hubbard famously said, “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” Hmmm… Would that apply to the commercialization of Arts & Crafts design, for everything from trash cans to gas stations?

Today in East Aurora

by Catherine Lundie
Just after I moved to the village of East Aurora, New York, I had a curious experience. During a leisurely walk with my preschooler son, I stopped to admire a charming Craftsman house. A fellow pedestrian paused, pointed at the house, and said—with unmistakable pride—“That’s Roycroft.”
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Arts & Crafts Architecture in Buffalo, New York

by Charity Vogel
Buffalo, New York, is packed with unusually beautiful examples of art, architecture, and culture—especially when it comes to the nation’s Arts & Crafts heritage, which this area showcases in an eye-opening breadth and multiplicity of forms, from the movement’s early incarnations to later, more complex iterations.
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