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Revival Today The new house was sited down the embankment to avoid spoiling a neighbor’s view. Rocks (451 of them) stabilize the bank.

All in the Details

by Donna Pizzi
Along the rugged Oregon coast, a house grows out of the boulders: new work in the Arts & Crafts spirit, led by a woodworker turned builder.
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Furniture & Interior Style Thumbnail image for A Sunny 1906 House in Portland

A Sunny 1906 House in Portland

by Brian D. Coleman
Once derelict, a 1906 house in Portland is faithfully restored, then decorated with rich colors and a mix of vintage and revival furniture, textiles, and pottery.
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Light Shades

Mica Shades

by Arts and Crafts Editor
Mica shades custom made in Oregon in amber and almond-colored mica, using stencils taken from 1910-1930 pattern books.
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Travel Willamette Valley

Oregon’s Willamette Valley

by Brian D. Coleman
Rural vistas, vineyards, bungalows in Silverton, and a Tudor-Gothic theatre in Salem: a lovely drive!
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