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Millwork and Shutters There’s nothing more relaxing than a summertime porch—unless most of the time you spend there involves epoxy and a paint brush.

Elements of a Porch

by Mary Ellen Polson
With the popular old-house restoration movement is in its fourth decade, manufacturers are creating traditional millwork elements from high tech materials, and engineering better systems.
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Doors, Windows & Garage Doors

Maurer & Shepherd Joyners

by Arts and Crafts Editor
Designs and manufacturers beautiful exterior gingerbread, including newels, posts, spindles, sawn balusters, brackets, spandrels, gable ornaments, carved panels, running trim, corbels, mantels, and screen doors.
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Exterior Millwork

Chadsworth’s Columns

by Arts and Crafts Editor
Columns, pillars, pilasters, and posts for interior and exterior applications. Plain and fluted, in wood, Poly Stone™, and fiberglass.
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