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Kitchens & Bathrooms Thumbnail image for The Vintage Kitchen:  Appliances 1905–1930

The Vintage Kitchen: Appliances 1905–1930

by Mary Ellen Polson
Appliances have a big footprint, so it’s no wonder that manufacturers have been busy trying to make them disappear beneath decorator-friendly panels for years. For those looking for period-sensitive styling, though, there are three ways to create a nostalgic look—and it’s possible to mix and match these approaches.
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Collectibles & Accessories Thumbnail image for Decorating with Collectibles

Decorating with Collectibles

by Patricia Poore
Even without a decorator, you can define your style and personalize your home using collections. Here are some ideas for displaying them in context.
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Lighting & Hardware Thumbnail image for Hardware by Style

Hardware by Style

by Mary Ellen Polson
Is hardware from a fine 1790 brick Federal appropriate in a farmhouse of the same era? What kind of entry set best suits an 1895 town house? And what about the explosion of new and revival styles during the bungalow era? The answers aren’t always obvious.
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