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Patricia Poore, Editor of Arts and Crafts Homes Magazine

The Yearning for Beauty and Good Work to Do

by Patricia Poore on March 11, 2010

in Editor's Letter

A Note from the Editor:

The Arts & Crafts revival is so in tune with basic human desires for beauty and good work, I think it may never end.

Dear colleagues and readers,

Twenty-five years ago, I seriously considered starting a modest publication to be called “The Bungalow Letter.” It would be for freethinkers who had rediscovered the comforts of unfussy post-Victorian houses. I did a little bit of what passed for market research. Barely a response! I gave up the idea. (Oh yes.)

The bungalow movement has, of course, threatened to overrun a general Arts and Crafts revival—one so in tune with basic human desires for beauty and good work, I think it may never end. (I also think today’s revival in the future will be seen as a continuation of the original movement—with the California Ranch, the1960s and the back-to-the-land movement and environmental awareness all part of the continuum—but that’s an argument for another time.)

We can’t define Arts & Crafts style—there are so many strains, and besides, “it’s against our religion.” Yet we seem to know it when we see it. Some people pick up our magazine or visit our website to learn more about the style, to help them decorate their houses to look like the Arts & Crafts Bungalows in the movies and on TV. That’s okay, that’s wonderful. I expect that in learning about the roots of the movement, and its practitioners (then and especially now), and the integration of work and art and life, people will go beyond a quest for “style” and be enriched.

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The revival goes beyond oak furniture and turn-of-the-century bungalows to interpret, too, British art movements of the late 19th century, Art Nouveau, international A&C strains, the vernacular, and even today’s design. The revival that began gaining speed in the early 1970s has lasted longer than the original period—and it is producing work equal to better than that of a hundred years ago. It’s an honor to publish it, and it is my pleasure.

Patricia Poore
Patricia Poore, Editor
10 Harbor Rd., Gloucester, MA 01930

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