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Garage Doors: Your Design Options

Arts & Crafts-style garage doors can have a huge impact on curb appeal, especially if they are visible from the street. Ironically, the largest moving part on many homes is the one item given the least amount of thought.
series of redwood trellises

A series of redwood trellises creates a period-style pergola to screen the garage, which has new doors of cedar.

Since a garage door is such a large feature of the exterior, new and replacement doors should stay true to a home’s style and era. Choices to be made depend on where the garage is located and how you plan to use the space; you’ll decide on construction type and material, insulation, and of course the fun part: design and accessories. Having a basic understanding before you contact a professional garage door installer will make it easier to select a door that meets your needs, fits your budget, and improves your home’s curb appeal. To learn about your Arts & Crafts-style garage door design options, popular styles and more, read Garage Doors: Your Design Options.

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