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Arts & Crafts Homes 2015 Annual Resource Guide

Take a look at what’s inside the Arts & Crafts Homes 2015 Annual Resource Guide.


A Letter from the Editor
Beauty for Everyday.

Arts & Crafts Furniture & Objects of Art
Today’s furnishings interpretations are the heart of the ongoing revival, with influences from Native American to Jugendstil.

Lighting, Hardware & Metal
Replica and revival work in favorite motifs by today’s talented metal-smiths and stained-glass artists.

A&C Revival Interiors
Embellishments for walls and ceilings, along with sources for period carpets, curtains, pillows,
and fabric.

Kitchens, Baths & Tile
Cabinets inspired by the bungalow period and Arts & Crafts designers, with a selection of specialty items and artful tile.

Today’s New Work
Resources for both renovation and new construction in the spirit of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Revival Resources
Presenting editors’ picks of art objects, products, craftspeople, and companies in five broad categories.

Art + Craft - this week's picks