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Hollywood Ending for a 1907 Foursquare

by Fred Albert
Benign neglect had saved the lustrous woodwork from being painted and the built-ins from being torn out.
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Editor's Letter Patricia Poore, Editor of Arts and Crafts Homes Magazine

Into The Lights

by Patricia Poore
Hands-down, buying light fixtures was the most fun I had during my restoration projects. Along with decorative hardware, light fixtures are the jewelry.
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Garden While brick is a traditional material for paths, brick pavers can stand up to the weather better than bricks made for other purposes.

Paving the Way

by Mary Ellen Polson
Stone and brick have been making transitions to the great outdoors for centuries, but a new product, the paver, lays down beautifully.
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Bungalow Decorative half-timbering on this gable hints at an English look.

Bungalow Gables

by Patricia Poore
There’s just no label, or precedence, for some of the gable ornaments and trim dreamed up by carpenters of the Arts & Crafts era.
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Related Styles Chalets are not quaint historical anomalies, but rather a favored form of housing still, particularly in the mountains. This is a scene common in Switzerland; the location is near Villars-sur-Ollon in the Canton of Vaud.

The Swiss Chalet

by David Mathias
Its origins and relationship to the American bungalow.
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Bungalow Fanciful woodwork and generous windows are original to the house, built of arroyo stone and wood shingles.

A Well Tended Bungalow

by Sarah Hilbert
An Easterner discovers California’s allure as she restores a modest house with very nice details and ample space for living outdoors.
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